Bug Fix & Minor Tweak

I have pushed some minor updates to the Junkdogs demo.

1. Reduced volume of Freighter music.
A number of players reported the volume level being a bit too loud during the Freighter exploration part of the demo. I have now reduced the volume on that track to be much lower. (Further volume settings can be found in-game in the Options menu)

2. Additional information during Battle Sequence
I added an additional piece of information during the Battle Tutorial that mentions that Barrier does not use up your turn. Hopefully this will encourage players to try it out and realize how effective this skill can be at protecting you from damage.

3. Mac Bug Fix
There was a bug that prevented Mac users from saving the game or adjusting any Options settings without causing a game crash. This is a problem with the way OSX handles reading files. I have updated a new version of the Mac Demo that has fixed this bug, and now requires Mac users to copy the game into their /Applications/ folder. If you're a Mac user and have encountered this bug please try re-downloading/installing the game. If you are still having problems let me know!

Thank you all for playing, we're now up to 132 downloads. I would still love to hear feedback on your experience. 
Until next time, space outlaws!

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