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Set in the future, the story follows a cast of outlaw scavengers known as 'junkdogs', who make a living exploring and digging through objects abandoned in space.  On a streak of bad luck after a mission gone wrong, the crew will have to do one more job in order to gain the means to pay off the bounty on their heads.


Explore an abandoned freighter:

Solve Puzzles:

Engage in a unique turn-based space battle system:

Listen to an original soundtrack comprised of jazzy hip-hop and electronic beats:


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Development log


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Good game


Please tell me you plan on continuing this game till its fully developed? I loved the mix of puzzles and battles in the game demo and would be willing to purchase when it's complete.


Thank you! Unfortunately I can't say if/when this game will be finished. It is near and dear to my heart but a lot of other things got in the way along the process. I really appreciate you being a fan though, I would love to continue it for people like you, some day!


😔 😭

I'm trapped in the escape room and I'm … not sure what to do? Every object I've interacted with so far has been an object I can't use? I'm not sure what to do to get out?

Hello! There is a box you can push to reveal a vent on the ground that you can interact with. Try that!

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Ah that stupid box! I think I ran into it 5 or 6 times but it finally invoked the dialogue. Weird!

Currently trying to figure out how to fix the wires in the warehouse…

Everything you need is in the warehouse. Just try to interact with everything until you find what you need.

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Thanks! I will try again! 

I got it! I look forward to further development.


Design reminds me of Stardew Valley https://rawg.io/games/stardew-valley. Looking very good. I played it for an hour, liked it!

Played for about a half hour: really great game. I did encounter an error on my Mac however when I tried to toggle always dash on.

I just uploaded a minor update to the extended demo release:

-Fixed graphical error in Warehouse on Callisto
-Fixed Battle AI bug: Bad code lead to a switch not triggering and the enemy units eventually locking up in battle, unable to take any actions except for End Turn. If you are experiencing this problem then you need to redownload the game (highly recommended for optimal experience). Also tweaked the AI a bit to make them more dynamic and responsive in battle. 


A sci-fi space-faring old school RPG with turn-based spaceship battles and an intriguing story, complete with lovable rogue characters? Where do I sign up?!

Honestly, I loved every second of this. The layout of it all, the puzzle solving aspect, the tough battle system (I struggled with it but it was so rewarding to win!), everything! I really can't wait to get another taster of this and the full game when it's done.

Keep up the awesome work, this is looking great =)


Hey MikeyBlighe! Thank you so much for the wonderful review!
Watching your play-through of Junkdogs was a great joy! It was really funny and entertaining.
I'm currently working on the next part of the game which is more of an extended version of the demo,
I'll be sure to let you know when it's available.

Thanks again for your support!

When is the full game going to be released? Or is this the complete game...?


The game is actively in development, and we're aiming for a 2019 release. A new extended demo will be released very soon!


Cool, I can't wait to play the new demo! :)


Hey Shireen, just wanted to let you know the extended demo has been released!


Awesome, thanks for letting me know! :)


Just thought I let you know. Also, I've rated it. 

BerryItch! Thank you so much for playing! I read your feedback you left in the description for the video and I want you to know I will definitely take your thoughts into consideration as I continue to develop Junkdogs. I agree that the battle does feel like a lot of waiting. I'll be sure to make some adjustments to make it all flow better. 

P.S.: could you send me a link to the image your sister created for the cover art? Would definitely like to have a copy of it, and I would also love to give a shout out to your sister the artist as well if you could provide any links to her social media. Thanks again!!


Finally had time to get around to this once I had free time, and boy let me tell you - it's worth it. There's a lot of charm and potential with this, with all the things that makes a game great.  I'm honestly hoping to see more of this game in the future and even a full version! 


i signed up to tell you well done cuz I didnt find you on twitter. I like these meatier story games that arnt cring af.  cool game name too

Wow I appreciate it Pinky. If you haven't already, please consider leaving a rating here: https://itch.io/jam/igmc2018/rate/327049
This will help Junkdogs advance in the contest! 

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you MegaCobra! If you haven't already, please consider leaving a rating here: https://itch.io/jam/igmc2018/rate/327049
This will help Junkdogs advance in the contest! Thanks again for playing


wow, loved every bit of that, soundtrack was awesome, def gonna come back to see how it develops!! Great Demo and soon to be Great Game i hope

I really like this game and am for sure going to be voting on this piece for the Indie Game Making Contest. A few things I liked about this game were  (Spoilers?):

-The soundtrack was lit af, it really gave off this future-punk vibe and there were enough tracks that it didn't get overly repetitive. There's also an in-game music player where you can listen to tracks not currently in the game and I'm particularly excited for the shopping soundtrack.

-When I first was interacting with the puzzles in this game I was worried that they were going to get redundant quickly, but this however was not the case and the puzzles within the game were done well enough that they took skill but never outstayed their welcome.

-Combat seems like it will be pretty unique and the promise of a customizable ship is something that I'll definitely be looking out for.

-The story of this game is pretty unique overall (Despite the little details which I'll get into later on). The story is enough to keep you interested and follows a pretty unique storyboard. Most modern games's, movies's, and books's stories are driven by goals like recovering a loved one, saving the universe, or ambitions like being rich, or garnering a position of power. This game keeps the player interested by intrigue alone; What kind of loot will you find on this spaceship? What is on this chip and why does a crime-lord want it? What are my protagonists's backstories?

Having said all of this no game (especially a demo) is without its shortcomings and there's a handful that I'd like to touch on (NOTE: I do realize this game demo was pushed out for a IGMC18 release and as such they had to make cuts and exclude some of the things I mention however, these are some of the things I'd like to see worked on as the game progresses).

-My largest complaint, so I'm putting it first because I deem it most important, is what I call "The little things". Something that makes a modern game fun is having so much to interact with and explore, and having a unique way of telling a story. This game is incredibly linear, which isn't a problem in itself, but one of the first puzzles in the game works like this:
1. Go into room A
2. Flip a switch
3. Go to the top of room A and activate a terminal which activates ANOTHER terminal.
4. Go into one of the rooms adjacent to room A (a room we never have a reason to revisit) and find a flashlight.
5. Head to the top of room A again and enter another room adjacent to room A which you need the flashlight for where you'll find the passcode you need to activate the terminal you activated earlier.
6. Enter this room and get a crowbar you will then use to break boxes and clear the way to other areas of the ship.
I feel as thought some of this could have been streamlined or at the very least made more interesting by scattering some loot around the areas you explore; surely on a derelict merchant ship you can find something of value just lying around. Cutting out parts where I need to go to one terminal to activate another terminal just makes the gameplay flow smoother, think back in the day when you would press a button in Zelda, to lift a floor where you could flip a switch, which would activate a bridge that would take you to a lever which would finally open the door you were looking for.

-I had mentioned earlier "The little things" as far as game mechanics go but now I'd like to talk about how it affects story. You're given the story in this game in massive blurbs instead of gradually throughout the story as you explore. You're given some brief exposition when the game starts about your characters and how they got there, but the next time any kind of story or lore is mentioned is when you're nearing the end of the playable section and have found a treasure trove of weapons and the story is being shoved down your throat all at once. I had mentioned before in the "Things that I liked" list that I like the story very much, and I do, but I feel like the creator has an amazing ability to come up with a very compelling story but just isn't sure how to tell it. An example or two I'd like to give is maybe while we're exploring this ship we come across info-logs in terminals, or a leaflet in the stack of paper we look through for a passcode for a door. Just to flesh out the world we live in through more than dialogue between our characters, it's much more interesting to read a log where the government was exposed for human experimentation, but then a conflicting holo-vid later on where the news claims it was a terrorist facility and not one of their own so we know that the government is corrupt and control media outlets instead of out boss saying: "The government is bad, evil, and lies to their people"

-To no real fault of the game creator themselves, the game contains a lot of default assets (and it also contains a lot of new assets please don't misunderstand me as forgetting the work the developer put into the game). Something the creator should look forward to in the future is adding their own touch to things like the locker texture, or the shelves or the flashlight, and things of that nature. An animation when you smash boxes would be something to look into also because as it stands it's a little dull.

In conclusion, I'm really glad to see another game in this genre come out, and one with an extraordinarily competent and talented creator as well. I'll definitely be rating this game for the IGMC18 contest and encourage others to give the game a try and see what they think for themselves. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the incredibly detailed and extensive review. I just want you to know that I will definitely be taking your thoughts into consideration as I continue to develop Junkdogs. I appreciate your support!


Bringing back the old snes jrpg feels on me! I love the story that has been built up in my play through of your game! The dynamic tone is set well. I also thought the sprite modeling was wonderful. What takes Junkdogs over the top is the BGM. I noticed sounds and, sights that pay ode to other jrpgs such as, the sound of the doors like chrono trigger and, the save points looking like final fantasy. The demo was amazing can't wait for the full release.

Hello Raithias, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on Junkdogs and for the play through!
I truly appreciate it. If you haven't already, please leave a rating for Junkdogs, to help  increase our chances of advancing in the contest.



I'm really enjoying this game so far and I love the soundtrack so much, great work! Here is my first walkthrough video (sorry about the volume...):


Hi Shireen. Thanks for playing! I really appreciate it.
I think most of the problem with the volume is that the Freighter music is set way too loud, 
which is something I have to fix. But I'm glad you like the game :)


Thanks! Oh alright but... I'm sure it's me to be honest, I always have issues getting the right game volume right - I'll make sure to change it next video :)


No problem Shireen. Thanks again for playing. If you haven't already, please leave a rating for Junkdogs, to help  increase our chances of advancing in the contest.



Will do :)


Hey devs, 

Thanks for sending this game my way, it was a lot of fun to play. You really did a good job here, the setting was very convincing (which is difficult using RPG maker in my opinion), the audio was very well done, Iove the tracks, and you even have an interesting story with an unexpected twist. Hopefully my feedback in the video is helpful. Keep up the good work!

My Video: 

Thanks again for checking the game out! Your feedback was very helpful and appreciated.